Science - Resource of the week

Food chains - primary collection

Animals and plants need each other to survive: a simple premise but tricky to demonstrate. The food chains collection on TES Resources has tips for inspirational lessons on the web of life, ideas for practicals, homework sheets and diagrams - all shared and rated by teachers.

What's in it?

A set of non-fiction, interactive explanation books from TESiboard, with colourful illustrations and simple text to explain a woodland habitat food chain. There's also a PowerPoint from BeeTs and a fun graph activity on foxes and rabbits created by hanmphillips.

What are teachers saying?

One user calls hanmphillips' activity "a fun little resource to use with a Year 6 class to differentiate - try using it to create different types of graphs eg line, bar and scatter".

Of KitKaty's science plan, one user says: "Thank you for sharing. Tried this with my class last week. Really fun, hands-on activity."

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