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Sizzling science fun

Do you have pupils who spend science classes staring into space? Get them motivated again with the TES science games collection.

What is it?

A series of games, divided into biology, chemistry, physics and general science subjects, including:

- Food and Digestion Revision Quiz: choosing more challenging questions in this board game will give pupils more points and a better chance of winning. Will they take the risk?

- The Shopping Game: pupils have a shopping list of chemical compounds - but what ingredients do they need? Can they "purchase" the correct elements to create their compounds?

- The Disappearing Test Tube: leave pupils gazing in wonder with these magic tricks that help to illustrate the speed of light. Can they design their own tricks to impress their friends?

- The House That Jack Built: can pupils collect all the raw materials they need for the perfect house?

The collection's interactive quizzes, board games, crosswords and card games provide plenty of inspiration for struggling scientists.

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Tes Editorial

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