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Science - Into the third dimension

A programme for Higher and Advanced Higher students in Scotland is taking its pupils to the third dimension with the introduction of 3D technology for biology and chemistry.

The online Scholar programme, developed by Heriot-Watt University for Higher and Advanced Higher, is looking for sponsorship so that students can receive a pair of 3D glasses and use 3D technology to bring subjects to life.

Phillip John, dean of science and engineering at Heriot-Watt University and executive chair of the Scholar forum, said: "The introduction of 3D technology makes several aspects of the programme more meaningful for school pupils and we hope the advances will encourage pupils to study sciences such as biology and chemistry.

"At the moment, we can offer each class a couple of pairs of 3D glasses to be used in the classroom. However, we would like to offer every pupil studying for these subjects a pair of 3D glasses, so they can make use of the technology at home."

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