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Scoring with Calton Athletic;Letter

With reference to the recent article on "Kicking the habit" (TESS, February 6), we write to express our opinion on the comments made by Alistair Ramsay, health education adviser. Although the article was very informative we feel Mr Ramsay's comments were unjust.

During our fifth year at Mearns Academy, Calton Athletic representatives visited our school and led a number of discussions for all year groups. They also led discussions with pupils from our associated primary schools.

Alistair Ramsay claims that "the use of ex-drug addicts has not been proven to be educationally sound". This is a view which we find to be completely unfounded because during the 90-minute talk listening to these recovering drug addicts we learned more than we would in a lifetime of reading textbooks or listening to teachers and parents. Calton Athletic representatives did not preach to us but instead they told us what had happened in their lives and how much their experiences had affected them and their families.

We had never really been interested in taking drugs before but after listening to some of the heart-wrenching stories of the representatives from Calton Athletic we know that drugs are something we are going to avoid completely.

The message came across following the visit by Calton Athletic and certainly had far greater impact than reading a textbook or listening to another adult.




Mearns Academy, Laurencekirkx

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