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Scoring points;Letter

In the chief inspector's annual report, the analysis of standards of achievement in secondary schools is based on the average points score per pupil in GCSE examinations (1 for G, 2 for F, up to 8 for A*).

The Department for Education and Employment consultation document on national targets puts forward the option of a target for 16-year-olds based on raising the average points score per pupil.

Let us hope that this marks the beginning of the end of the use of five GCSE passes at grade C or above as the basis for judging the performance of secondary schools.

It was a great disappointment when Estelle Morris, the education minister, announced last year that the Government will continue to use the five A* to C statistics.

The average points score is used at A-level. It should also be used at GCSE. Then we shall know that the Government wants to raise the attainment of all young people.


Head, Durham Johnston School Crossgate Moor, Durham

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