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This is the exams season and students sitting the first degree examination in public law at Glasgow University recently were reminded sharply of last year's school results debacle.

The fledgling legal eagles were asked to comment on the constitutional issues involved if the Scottish Qualifications Authority were replaced by a new body, the Scottish Examination Authority - or SEA, at which all of SQA was last year.

We trust the Yooni's marking arrangements are more up to scrtch than those of the SQA.

Incidentally, we noticed a brave move at the FE conference (left) whose organisers had included an SQA profile in its papers for delegates. The SQA, we were told, "will enhance education, training and lifelong learning through the provision of high-quality qualifications which meet the needs of the individual and society, and be recognised internationally as a centre of excellence." Those were the days: the document was dated November 1999.

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