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Second job takes on a whole new meaning

In the UK, the credit crunch has led a few hard-pressed teachers to find second jobs. But this US case takes moonlighting to a rather different extreme.

When Amber Carter left school at lunchtime complaining of feeling unwell, she wasn't heading for the doctor's surgery. Instead she had an appointment of a rather different sort - in her sideline as a prostitute.

The fourth grade (Year 5) teacher had arranged to meet a punter in a motel car park, but her customer was an undercover police officer.

Ohio police mounted the sting operation following an anonymous tip-off that a woman was posting cash-for-sex adverts on the Craigslist website. After meeting her client, Ms Carter got into his unmarked car but was promptly arrested.

Police said it was not known how long she had been advertising for sex. The 35-year-old had been working in the Bellefontaine district for 13 years, starting as a kindergarten teacher. She had previously had an unblemished record and had never been involved in disciplinary issues, says the district schools superintendent.

She has been placed on administrative leave and a counsellor has been brought in to talk to pupils at the school.

Ms Carter has been released on bail, charged with prostitution and unauthorised use of property. She may have used a school computer to arrange her assignation.

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