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DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE. Video: three 20-minute programmes plus materials. Free. Young Foresight. Tel: 020 7793 1882.

The excellent series of programmes produced by Software Production Enterprises with the BBC on behalf of the charity Young Foresight, explores different facets of design and designing using well chosen imagery and a tightly focused script. Although intended for older pupils in key stage 3 the programmes are suitable for a wider age range.

Young Foresight is an innovative project which complements the objectives of the Government's Foresight Programme and takes foresight thinking into the classroom to give young people a voice in shaping the future, enabling them to influence the development and future application of design and technology. Classroom resources, in-service training and support stuctures will be provided to meet these aims. Questions such as "What do you think the world will be like in 2020?" and "What product could you design for that future world?" permeate the approach.

The three BBC schools television programmes use challenges and questions well to help pupils think creatively and to harness these thoughts to develop products. Case studies include futuristic bicycles, cameras, shoes and medicines. Programme 3 focuses on the use of natural resources and designing for sustainability. There are also print-based resources, a website and a training programme involving schools and industry.

The series has been planned to fit into 18 lessons in Year 9 but there is room to adapt. The teacher's guide includes class-work links and support provided by external agencies.


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