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AS biology games

Sing along - it had to be ... uracil

This is a collection of revision and review activities for teaching AS biology, uploaded by Richard Spencer, TES science adviser and subject leader for biology and learning and development manager at a sixth-form centre in north-east England (username docras).

The I Am a Biochemical Test game features 18 domino-style cards that can be cut out and laminated and used to review tests for sugars, starch, proteins and lipids. Biological molecules bingo asks students to choose eight terms from a list for their bingo card and cross them off when one of their terms is the answer to a question.

Games on enzymes include Enzyme Blockbusters, which challenges students to get across the board by answering questions. Activities to review cell membranes range from a Wheel of Fortune-style game to a group challenge to draw and label a fluid mosaic model of a cell membrane structure.

A variant of the song It Had to be You aims to help students remember that uracil in mRNA replaces thymine in DNA. Two more songs look at the structure of the heart and how to calculate the sizes or magnification of microscopic organisms, and a speed-dating activity involves students quizzing each other about their knowledge of key concepts of evolution. A final game aims to revise the key concepts of evolution, based on the TV quiz You Say, We Pay.


GCSE revision

German, French and Spanish study aids

French revision aids include booklets grouping questions from reading, writing and speaking exam papers by topic (rosaespanola). KKQR has uploaded a summary of the most commonly used verbs in five years of reading and listening exams, while s.rnd has produced a checklist to use during writing exercises. A board game challenges pupils to conjugate verbs in the correct tense to move forward (maryjane1969). Worksheets provide a weekly revision schedule, complete with exercises (Hedia B).

German resources include a worksheet featuring different ways to express opinions, time phrases, linking words and verb tenses (pachtonio) and a poster summarising key elements in writing and speaking exercises (CombertonVillageCollege). A game challenges pupils to translate an English sentence into German, gaining more points for tackling more difficult sentences (mozartkugel). Chatterbox81 has contributed a series of revision tasks that can be printed onto card, while another set of cards featuring basic phrases provides revision for the speaking test (madame_droite).

Resources for Spanish include a collection of activities to develop speaking skills, particularly pronunciation, fluency and spontaneity, contributed by rhawkes. Milpin has shared an extensive resource on basic tenses, that can be printed and turned into an A5 booklet. A series of roleplays can be used to help with vocabulary and prepare pupils for their speaking test (vandersar).


Virtuosos flourish

Pupils will have the chance to take a bow at the Royal Opera House after winning a competition to compose a 30-second fanfare. The 10 winning entries will be used from May to signal when it is time for the audience to take their seats and can be heard at

Maths conference

The annual conference of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics takes place in Wolverhampton from 18 to 21 April. The event will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Caleb Gattegno, one of the association's founders. For details, go to

Climate stories

A new display on climate change opens at the Science Museum in London next Friday. "10 Climate Stories" is part of a three-year programme exploring climate science:


Graphics for KS4

From concept to product

This is a set of resources for graphics, chosen by TES design and technology adviser Spencer Herbert, head of the design technology department and lead advanced skills teacher at Ravens Wood School for Boys, Bromley, Kent (username Spencer_DT).

The collection includes a PowerPoint that can be used to teach the basics behind graphics as an introduction to using image manipulation software, such as Adobe Fireworks or Corel Paint Shop (pictured, maxwell01782). An introduction to branding includes a range of activities to encourage pupils to start thinking about brands, logos and less obvious means of advertising (littlemissraw). In a sustainable design task, pupils work in small groups to design products including a bag to persuade a fashion-conscious young person to shop without a car (cjcort).

An introduction to perspective includes tasks to help students tackle one and two-point perspective (Kmbradley), while a display illustrates different types of packaging and asks pupils to identify their positive and negative aspects (Erica_c_hanson). An Apprentice-style challenge asks pupils to design a cereal box (miss_purple_rose).

An introduction to graphics includes examples of designers to illustrate the variety of work, from food to electronic gadgets, and asks pupils to come up with the design for a new toaster (HarrisSchool).

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