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ACTIVE RESOURCES FOR CHRISTIANITY. By Phil Grice. Heinemann pound;54.99. INVESTIGATING CHRISTIANITY. CD-ROM Version 2. By Gwyneth Windsor. Heinemann pound;49.99 + VAT, whole site licence, pound;149.99 + VAT.

Phil Grice's resource pack is aimed at teaching Christianity at both KS3 and KS4. It consists of six colour overhead projections, an audio CD and 199 pages of photocopiable worksheets. The author tries to provide RE for all ability levels and offers learning through music, drama, art, story, poetry, "active learning", IT, video, games and simulations.

The headings within the pack are Ultimate Questions, Festivals, Moral Issues and the Christian Church. It emphasises that it is not "fast food RE", however, and that careful planning will be required. This is definitely the case, not least because the collection is so large and repays perusal both to select the right activities for a specific class and then to customise them.

he OHPs and CD tracks are linked to worksheets and cover a wide range from an interview with a Taize monk set to the background of a haunting Taize chant, the clock music from the quiz programme Countdown, and a Fergal Keane extract. The OHPs range from Rembrandt and Brueghel to Falklands soldiers and the Haitian Hunger Cloth. These activities should help a secondary RE department to present Christianity well.

Gwyneth Windsor's CD- Rom is an update of a 1997 original, with revised material and IT capabilities and new Internet links. It is a mixture of encyclopedia and virtual tour guide, combining Kentish and international Christian destinations. Like the earlier version, it is the international and visual presentation of Christianity at which this excels and it remains a user-friendly resource which, perhaps as a limitation of this medium, is better at the "Learning about" than the "Learning from" Christianity.

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