Secondary pupils

Many of the Discover Science events at the Museum of Scotland will be of interest to lower secondary pupils. Particle physics - driving a particle accelerator and cosmic particles - and creating animations are among the workshops and activities on offer.

Fred Pearce, environmental journalist, author and broadcaster (former news editor of New Scientist) will run a session for teenagers on climate change. His prognosis is grim - he believes nature is starting to take revenge for the damage inflicted by humans. Mr Pearce will argue that nature "doesn't do gradual change" and that climate change may be "more sudden and unpleasant" than predicted. Other topics include aviation, nano-technology, TiVo (television pause and replay technology) and Formula 1.

French molecular gastronomist Herve This will apply the principles of chemistry and physics to cooking.

At the Royal College of Surgeons on South Bridge, gory exhibits will tell an extraordinary tale of Scotland's surgical past, while the Stills Gallery in Cockburn Street will host work by Dan Holdsworth, exploring photographic possibilities.

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