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Sectarian slip

I found your Jotter item, "Vatican boon for Ibrox", to be offensive and distasteful (TESS, September 10).

At Ibrox Primary, we are proud of our inclusive ethos. Staff and pupils work tirelessly to promote understanding and acceptance of each other's differences in our non-denominational establishment.

Due to road closures and parking restrictions as a result of the papal visit, all our staff, regardless of their beliefs, planned alternative routes to and from work to ensure any disruption to the service provided to our pupils was limited.

You may feel I am "missing the joke", but I feel the views outlined in your piece lie at the heart of many of the sectarian challenges facing the west of Scotland, and I am very disappointed that you included the name of our school in it.

Paul Meehan, acting headteacher, Ibrox Primary.

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