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Sellars market

Lots of people did not get where they are today without crossing John Sellars. For all of them, it appears to have been an entirely profitable experience.

As Sellars finally rides off into the sunset from the Association of Scottish Colleges this week, he leaves behind a remarkable number of proteges. These date from his time as depute in charge of FE in Lothian. There he talent-spotted a number of "youngsters" such as Hugh Walker, Douglas Law and Mick Roebuck who became his personal assistants under the region's "fast-track" promotion scheme.

Walker became principal of Anniesland College, Law depute principal at Fife College and Roebuck principal at Lews Castle College followed by the top spot at Kilmarnock College.

Lothian colleges proved to be a remarkable training ground in Sellars's time: Peter Duncan, principal at Central College in Glasgow (ex-Stevenson and Telford); David Rose, principal at Barony College in Dumfriesshire (ex-Oatridge); Bill Duthie, depute at Glasgow College of Building and Printing (ex-West Lothian); Janet Price, principal at Inverness College and formerly depute at York College (ex-Stevenson); Terry Davies, principal at James Watt College in Greenock (ex-Telford); John Lisgo, principal of Jewel and Esk Valley College (ex-Stevenson); Richard Millham, principal at Motherwell College (ex-West Lothian); Ian Miller, principal of North Glasgow College (ex-Stevenson).

If we were Sellars, we might perhaps feel a consultancy coming on.

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