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SEN provision is a disgrace

Joseph Lee's incisive article about the Ofsted SEN report confirmed what has been stated by parents, professionals and the students themselves for so many years.

We have had research into SEN and LLD provision going back to the 1990s. The result has been a declining service. It is not the fault of staff crushed by funding cuts, target-driven outcomes, time-limited programmes and stringent recruitment criteria.

Post-16 SEN provision is restricted in respect of access and content; post-19 provision in incorporated colleges is dire. There are beacons of excellence in FE. The private sector offers bespoke services, but they are costly. There are very few incorporated colleges that can fully meet learners' educational, medical, welfare and social needs. This is a national disgrace.

At a time of yet another review of education and associated services, we can at least hope for a positive response from central government.

Dr Len Parkyn, Independent SENLDD consultant, Vines Cross, East Sussex.

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