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Sense of adventure appeals to boys

Enid Blyton was ranked second only to Roald Dahl by children asked to choose their favourite author in a survey of 8,000 seven to 16-year-olds carried out by the Roehampton Institute Children's Literature Research Centre. Among the 11-year-olds at St Wilfrid's RC Middle School in Blyth, Northumberland, who talked to Elaine Williams, boys proved to be the most committed Blyton fans, with a taste for straightforward adventure.

John Newall

Favourite books: Folk of the Faraway Tree, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Magic Wishing Tree. He also reads the Famous Five stories.

"I like the Wishing Tree stories best because instead of normal people going on adventures these are about things you wouldn't see on any day. I read her books when I was little. You never know what's going to happen next. They are the sort of books you can read over and over again."

Sarah Whittaker

Favourite books: First Term at Malory Towers, Last Term at Malory Towers, Claudine at St Clare's.

"I've read all the Malory Towers and St Clare's books. I like all the sleepovers and midnight feasts. I don't think her English is very good, but her stories are still enjoyable. You wouldn't get away with the things they do in this school."

John Allison

Favourite books: Three Boys and a Circus, Five Get Into a Fix, Five Have a Wonderful Time.

"I like to read her books in bed. You can really get inside her books and it's easy to build up pictures of her characters."

Michael Murphy

Favourite books: Mr Twiddle stories, The Adventures of Binkle and Flip.

"I have been reading her books since I was four. She describes everything really well. She seems to know everything that's going on in a child's head. I have been thinking of writing like her. It seems easy to do and it's well thought out."

Richard Allison

Favourite books: Brer Rabbit Again, The Secret of Killimooin.

"I've read Brer Rabbit about 20 times. I can't put her books down. I get wrong off me mam because I'm still reading and haven't got dressed in the morning. "

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