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Serving up sensational science

Jeremy Neumark Jones looks at a new magazine for teenagers

Flipside magazine The Institution of Electrical Engineers, cover price Pounds 3.10, other tariffs online Tel: 01438 313311

Flipside understands its target audience of secondary school students well, even supplying an inventory of the latest films, books and gadgets. The website offers interactive discussions on parents and mobiles, and charts of ringtones and music downloads.

There are even quasi-Nuts magazine aspects to it, such as features on cars and disgusting yet intriguing stories and pictures about what you're likely to find on a bank note (millions of bacteria from other people's hands inside the fibres of the paper).

As a Year 10 student, I found Flipside genuinely interesting. I even learned 25 uses for a mobile phone, such as for video journalism, as a radar, and even as a shot-put. The magazine will appeal to anyone interested in science and its practical applications (how to make a fireman's suit, anyone?), but a word of caution: it's more about stories to tell your friends, than help with GCSEs.

Jeremy Neumark Jones is a key stage 4 student at a north London school

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