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SET wired for sound

Learning about sound and how to make electrical circuits will be just two of the interactive workshops featured at this year's annual INEOS Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) fair.

The event is designed to promote science, engineering and technological subjects through investigation and teamwork. More than 1,850 Primary 7 children from 52 local schools, including all those in the Falkirk Council area, are taking part in the fair which opens today and will run until March 18 at Grangemouth stadium.

The 2008 SET fair is supported by INEOS, Setpoint East (Careers Scotland), Falkirk Council and the Scottish Government and is part of the "My Future's in Falkirk" economic development initiative.

Workshops include:

- Build a Bug Workshop, offering pupils direct hands-on experience of making and taking home a fully electronic jitterbug, which explains the technology behind a mobile phone on "vibrate" mode;

- K'nex design challenge, which asks pupils to design and construct a distillation tower while adhering to a strict set of guidelines;

- "Brotus" wood technology, which explores design using geometric shapes and wooden puzzles;

- "Who wants to be a Scientist?", aimed at P7 pupils,which covers the main sciences pupils can take at Standard grade level; and Flash! Bang! Wallop!", which covers the learning outcomes from the "energy in the environment" section in A Curriculum for Excellence. Both of these sessions are provided by the Glasgow Science Centre.

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