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Seven-year-old excluded permanently

Adam Keenan, the seven-year-old boy suspended seven times in the past seven months, has been permanently excluded from his school.

His parents, who supported the decision, say they hope he will at last receive specialist help.

Governors at Short Heath junior school, in Walsall, backed headteacher David Drewe who said he could not allow the boy's behaviour to affect other pupils any longer (see TES, July 13).

Jan Howe, chair of governors, said: "The governing body hopes that this decision will end the publicity over this exclusion and allow Adam's parents to find him a new school and recommence his education."

This is the first permanent exclusion Mr Drewe has recommended in the 23 years he has been headteacher and he said: "I am pleased that the governing body has agreed that I have made the right decision."

Adam was temporarily excluded from the school previously for allegedly fighting, stealing and assaulting another pupil with a dinner knife. He has already attended five schools in Walsall and Wolverhampton and two in Wales, moving to Short Heath junior school after a series of suspensions.

Adam's father, Darren Keenan, said: "I hoped they would kick him out so he would get the help he needs."

Head of the assessment and review procedures unit at Walsall Council, Bryan Emery said: "Adam will be getting some home tuition as a temporary measure. We will have to wait until the assessment to find out whether he needs to go to a special school or can be put back in a mainstream school with extra support."

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