Sex and Scotland

New research on sexualities and history will be presented at the spring workshop organised by Women's History Scotland on March 16 at Glasgow University.

The conference will also include a workshop conducted by OurStory Scotland, an organisation which has been collecting, archiving and presenting the histories of Scotland's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Research papers have been invited on: the historiography of sexuality; queering Scottish history; heterosexuality in Scottish history; national identity and sexuality; sexual identity and representation; gender and sexuality.

Meanwhile, in Shetland, from April 20-22, Women's History Scotland and Shetland Museum and Archives are holding a conference, "A Woman's Island? Women in Shetland in Past, Present and Future" to create links between those who study Shetland's past (historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, museum and archive experts) and individuals and organisations who represent the Shetland of today.

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