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Sex and the sermon creates stir

Extra-curricular activity at one school in Florida has taken a saucy turn thanks to the church that uses it for its Sunday sermons.

The New Hope Church, of Melbourne, sent out 25,000 fliers to locals advertising a series of sermons that would help attendees "learn how to have the Great Sex that God created you to enjoy".

The fliers that asked the question "Is your sex life a bore?", prompted complaints from parents, and attracted the ire of the district school authority. "We believe the type of advertising used is not appropriate for students to read in any elementary school," said Mark Langdorf, the school district's director of risk management.

Pastor Bruce Cadle of the New Hope Church is reported as telling his congregation: "If we could be honest, I think every one of us would say, 'I want a rich and satisfying life. I want a great sex life.' But it doesn't come from following Cosmo magazine. It comes from following the word of God."

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