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Sex is far better in Shetland

FUMBLING teenagers in Shetland still do what comes naturally - but with more cautious excitement than others.

Seven out of ten secondary pupils managed to squeeze a condom out of its packet during their first sexual experience, according to a recent survey. A similar percentage continue to use protection in current relationships.

Shetland was this week praised by Sir David Carter, Scotland's chief medical officer, in his report on the nation's health. The low rate of teenage pregnancies there could be due to the "responsible attitude to sex on the part of its secondary pupils".

Dr David Cox, former director of public health in Shetland, writing in Health in Scotland 1998, says that lower teenage pregnancy rates are a reflection of lower sexual activity or higher rates of condom use, or both.

Sir David's report also confirms strong links between deprivation and road accidents involving young people. If children live in deprived communities they are three times more likely to be knocked down.

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