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Shabby outfit?

Having been deemed "not strong enough" by the Office for Standards in Education, after following one of their five-day courses this year, I was intrigued to read that such courses were "really only suitable for experienced inspectors" (TES, November 18).

Perhaps someone could explain to me and the numerous other practising teachers who have shared my disappointment and disbelief at their results precisely why we were not made aware of our unsuitability until after we had parted with a great deal of time, commitment and - dare one say it - money. Phrases such as "jobs for the boys" spring readily to mind; less charitably, one might well suggest fraud on a grand, and shabby, scale.

One reason for my failure was, incidentally, given as my "barely adequate" written English.


Head of English

Cannock Chase High School

136 Doe Bank Lane

Great Barr,Birmingham

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