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Shame stops meal claims

ONE in five of the 1.8 million children eligible for free school meals is still not taking them up, according to research by the Child Poverty Action Group. Schools Minister Jacqui Smith blamed poor knowledge of eligibility and concerns that youngsters might feel stigmatised by free meals.

'I've done nothing wrong' John Tallon, the Liverpool secondary teacher found not guilty on three charges of indecent assault against a pupil, is seeking full renstatement after waiting nine months for the case to come to court. The father of three was working on supply when he was charged. He was acquitted on April 26, but is still waiting for a "risk assessment" meeting between Liverpool council and the school where he had accepted a permanent job. He said:

"I've done absolutely nothing wrong and I'm ready, willing and able to work."

Next week: see full interview in TES Friday magazine.

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