Shirley Harkin

Wearing a woolly bear costume in 24C heat was Shirley Harkin's most recent devotion to duty at Buick Memorial primary school in Cullybackey, Co Antrim. She was cheering on the youngest classes during their sports Fun Day.

With a daughter who's a pupil and a job as a lunch-time supervisor, Shirley is the supportive parent, ever-willing volunteer and hard worker all rolled into one. According to teacher Cathy Humphrey, who nominated her, Shirley is a "much-loved team player", making sure everyone's well fed at lunchtime but also accompanying school trips, helping with structured play in the infants and supporting the PTA. Headteacher Mr Ian McIlrath who will be presenting our flowers, champagne and chocolates at assembly today, says she's a brilliant person who could "probably run the school herself".

Friday magazine has two more editions before the end of term. Don't leave it too late to thank the person who's a gem in your school. Tell The TES you've got a national treasure and we'll try to make them a Friday Hero.

Flowers kindly supplied by Marks and Spencer

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