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To add to their range of special access devices, Inclusive Technology now markets a flexible keyboard. Though sold for industrial, laboratory and office use, it also has relevance for nursery, early primary and special needs education.

The Flexible Keyboard (pound;69 incl VAT) is a touch-sensitive keypad moulded in a durable rubberised compound, and is impervious to sand, crumbs and spillages. It can be used with any IBM compatible computer. On the down side, the keys do not click to confirm a key has been successfully pushed and, being so sensitive, it is easy to obtain repeated key presses. With no lights, it is also easy to mistakenly hit the caps-lock key without realising it.

My First Keyboard (pound;59 incl VAT) is small, robust and attractive and is designed for pre-school children. It offers only 55 touch-sensitive pads instead of the standard 102 keys and presents only capital letters. Each pad makes a small beep when pressed, and the layout is alphabetical with four large arrow keys, large blue space bar and "Enter" keys and ten polygonal function keys at the top. The unit requires no special software.

If the keypads were in lower case, I would unquestioningly recommend this keyboard for nurseries and home use.

Flexible Keyboard: Inclusive Technology 01457 819790 My First Keyboard: Centerprise 01256 378000

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