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The shopping list

Name: Sue Warrington. Position: Headteacher of Chace community school, Enfield, London

Q If you had David Blunkett's budget what would your priority be for education spending?

A I would want every school to be able to offer a joined-up service with an educational welfare officer, an educational psychologist and an outreach community worker based in the building.

Q If you had a blank cheque to spend at your own school what would you buy?

A Computers, CD-Roms, interactive materials. This is what sudents say they want to make learning fun. I would also buy space, both physical and temporal. Students and teachers need more room for recreation, and I would do up the staffroom and the dining hall. That would transform all our lives.

Q What treat would you like to buy yourself this weekend?

A A week in the wilderness on an Arvon creative writing course.

Sue Warrington was talking to Stephanie Northen. If you'd like to publish a shopping list for education please e-mail

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