The shopping list

Name: Jane Bassett

Position: Head of English at Stoke Newington school, London borough of Hackney.

Q If you had David Blunkett's budget what would your priority be?

A Books, computers and other resources; a pound;2,000 pay rise for all teachers; and class sizes of 20. I would also fund an effective anti-racist education policy.

Q If you had a blank cheque for your own school what would you buy?

A Rebuild it to provide modern classrooms with ICT and community areas for lunchtime and after school; give teachers more time todevelop the curriculum; buy books, books, books; take students on trips. Oh, and an IT technician would be nice.

Q What treat would you buy yourself?

A Travel around Latin America and learn Spanish; go back to university; buy lots of books and a small house with a garden in Hackney, where I live. If there's any change, I'd offer Ofsted inspectors one-way tickets on the first Mars probe.

Jane Bassett was talking to Reva Klein. If you would like to publish a shopping list for education, please e-mail

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