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- If @andy_murray doesn't make you appreciate dedication, discipline, humility and family, nothing will.


- Andy Murray could be a great way to teach about turning failure into success ... ow.lymLhY5


- Another glorious morning. Why does any organisation arrange meetings in the summer? #observe schoolhols

stjohns modstuds

- S4. Scottish high court trial on ch4 tonight @ 9pm. #crimelaw. Great summer holiday homework! ;-)


- Talking to young guy on licence today who has applied without success for over 70 jobs since release three months ago. Reality of "reintegration".

Gilchrist George

- A curriculum or policy cannot produce better opportunities for learners on its own. Mediation by teachers is what makes the difference


- Teaching is the most important thing in schools. Not curriculum, not leadership, not technology, not data. Why does this come as a surprise?

@Michael RosenYes

- We used to have state education. Now we have Secretary of State Education.


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