Short amp; tweet


- Underwhelmed by National 5 Scottish set texts but now Higher list is almost same it almost makes me want to quit teaching!


- As a kid I saw a TV show about Ray Harryhausen and tried making my own articulated models. Now I teach animation and video FX. Inspirational!


- Did Willy Wonka need to arrange work visas for the Oompa-Loompas?" One to add to the #strange questions I've been asked in the classroom.


- @Kennywah My favourite was "Did Hitler write Mein Kampf before or after he killed himself?"


- "I'm in sales, you're just a doctor." The topsy-turvy world of The Apprentice.


- Ex-teacher Jaz is annoying me already. Teachers do not speak to people that way! So condescending! #TheApprentice.

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