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- US boy to me: "I'm sick of people saying the US is the stupidest country in the world. Personally, I think Europe is the stupidest country."

@Michael RosenYes

- BBC ignorant grammar bullies telling us that "I was sat in a chair" is "wrong". Bog off, bullies.


- Just got email from 15-yr-old pupil who wants to do some maths-related work experience in Edinburgh in September. Any ideas?

@real dcameron

- I was worried that my mother's view of the world was shaped by The Sunday Post, but she appears to choose her sources better than Mr Gove.


- How many folks bemoaning the "clerical tasks" given out to pupils, then add to the clerical tasks given out to teachers? ;-)


- "Android crushes puny rivals with 74% of smartphone market." zite.to13uMDdh Are we wrong to be so iPad-focused in education?


- Top tip: for everyone doing GCSE biology today, the answer to none of the questions on proteins and enzymes is: "A wizard did it."

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