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Short and tweet

Nick Clegg demands that teachers in free schools in England are either qualified or almost qualified. Jings! Grateful to have @gtcs standards.


Got an online #openuni tutorial tomorrow evening at the same time as the @British Bake Off final :(


See #sptc dubbed "interest-group piranha" in @TheScotsman last week #backhandedcompliment


Stuck on train outside Stirling. Backlog, apparently. We will need to sort out our infrastructure come the revolution.


Think: "There is always someone who is worse off than me." Depending on your personality, this is either a) humbling or b) Schadenfreude.


An educating experience on the bus today - schoolchildren elucidating loudly on how to hack their parents' passwords so they can buy stuff on iTunes.


Finnish lesson for Serbia #1: make your teachers leaders, not just followers.


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