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Short and tweet

If you want to have a conversation with me please do not say "going forward". Unless you are, er, moving forward physically.


Learning German so can go clubbing in Berlin - doesn't matter how trivial, find something that motivates you to learn a language. ow.ly2B77Jx


Welcome to Horrible Week @ Stirling High. Horrible Fact for today: Did you know that there are 26,000 types of slugs in the world?


Great to see so many committed EIS staff from Stirling, Clacks and Falkirk give up a Saturday to hear about Professional Update.


Shakespeare, eh? One day the most rigorous thing ever invented. The next, just one part of a "soft subject".


You can't watch Educating Yorkshire and not believe that humans are essentially good things.


"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person" - Mother Teresa


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