Short and tweet

It's #PedagooFriday! What's the highlight from your classroom this week? Share it with the hashtag.


A P3 brings work after being sent to improve 3x and tells me he doesn't mind when I'm grumpy as it makes his work better.


Students role-play election campaign for voting leader on the island, Jack v Ralph in Lord of the Flies. Great fun!


N45 biologists sampling the pulsation of sunflower seeds on my desk. Real "Oh!" moment when they saw effects of sample sizes.


118 "no awards" over 3 years in our SQA exams due to candidates having phones within reach in exams.


It's crucial to enable children from any culture to read, write and be articulate in the language they bring to school - James Robertson.


Creativity is not a single ability that only some people have. It's a process that draws on a wide array of aptitudes that we all have.


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