Short and tweet

@Feorlean Making money available to buy books and resources for the new National Quals for pupils is excellent, but what about the teachers?


#followfriday is @DavieBalfour: following in the footsteps of the Kidnapped character over this weekend. Go on, give him some encouragement.


Success for Kirn Primary following top class inspection. bit.ly15xZWbe


My son made me a card for my 100th birthday. He says I've to keep it on the mantelpiece until then and not peek at it.


Quote from student in fractals lecture this morning: "This is so exciting!" And they weren't being sarcastic! *happy*


Comment from Swedish colleague: "Why is England so obsessed with ranking and labelling?" A framework of class?


The British government to introduce a "state emblem" for high quality inspected British Schools Overseas (BSOs). bit.ly1bh0WZm


Struggling with terms and no definitions - e-learning, online learning, IT supported, tech enhanced - what's being referred to? #efquel2013


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