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Short and tweet

"Poor people CLAIM benefits. Middle-class people RECEIVE benefits." Isn't language important?


Sometimes I start writing a tweet and then I lose int


All the "good news" stories either involve inspiring young women or cute, rescued animals. The world is largely ... well, you know already


It's great to be a girl now - you can go as far as you want but need to work out a practical way to have children @MorrisseyHelena (mum of 9)


Today is World Porridge Day - so an early #ff for @MarysMeals who feed over 700,000 every day with a hot school meal.


"I want to improve my aerobic fitness" sounds normal. "I want to work on my empathy" sounds (sadly) strange.


More than 40 per cent of older adults in France, Ireland, South Korea, Netherlands and Spain haven't completed upper secondary education


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