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Should I stay or should I go?

I READ with enthusiasm Jill Parkin's article about her interview with Carol Adams (On Course, TES, March 21). Ms Adams said: "Without proper professional development, we won't attract secondary teachers and we won't keep them."

I have in front of me a letter of invitation to an interview for assistant head and an appointment with an independent careers adviser. Do I jump ship or carry on? I read on. Teachers' sabbaticals: for teachers with five years' experience. No good for me. Research scholarships: closing date was February 2003; no more funding. Oh well! Professional bursary: for teachers in their fourth or fifth year. No good, either. The career dip for teachers is obviously after five years.

So, what does someone like me do who has 22 years of teaching experience and just needs a little breathing space to recharge the batteries? Do I go or do I stay? Answers on a post card before May 31, please.

Jennie Sleeman Head of English 1 High Street Honiton, Devon

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