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Exhibitions and events at galleries and museums during the autumn and spring terms



Salaam, presented by the Department of Performing Arts and Muslim community, comprises exhibitions and city celebrations. Displays include "Open Sesame", at the Museum and Art Gallery until April 10, where Ali Baba's magic words give access to the Muslim world from Morocco to Malaysia, and "The Veil in Islam: myth and reality", at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life until January 31. Free activities include Asian sweetmaking workshops for anyone over eight and pattern and printing sessions for all ages, veil in Islam workshops for senior schools, and print-making, hand painting, Arabic fairy tales and shadow puppet making for all ages. Tel: 0141 305 2699. School groups can get to exhibitions free in a Truck Art bus decorated Pakistani-style. Tel: Melanie Ingram, 0141 287 5850.

Over the Counter at Scotland Street School Museum until November 2 celebrates 2,000 years of writing and sending letters. Related primary activities. At Discovering Japan, January 12-February 22, visitors will try on Japanese costume, create a miniature garden and try Japanese food, writing and a computer programme. To book tel: 0141 429 1202.


Two-hour classes for Perth and Kinross District schools, linked to exhibitions on natural science and The Times of our Lives (Perth through the ages), include: early man, Romans, Celts, Egyptians, World War II, archaeology, toys, farming, minibeasts, skeletons and movement, birds, mammals, woodlands. Special days are offered on dinosaurs and fossils; fine and applied art; and water nature (sea creatures and freshwater). Tel: Barbara Hamilton, 01738 632488.



Special exhibition on Welsh folk dancing alongside permanent exhibitions illustrating daily life, costume and farming implements from 1500 to the present. This open air museum boasts a Celtic village reconstruction, a late Elizabethan manor house and buildings carefully re-erected from all over Wales. For details of schools' activities tel: 01222 573500.



KS1-2 workshops include "Space", October 6-November 21, and "The art of the puppet", November 17-December 12. Plus building blocks construction workshops for early years until December 12, linked to the Desirable Outcomes for Learning exhibition. Tel: 01422 330012.


Discover how you rely on senses other than sight when led by visually impaired guides through familiar settings at the BT Dialogue in the Dark exhibition until January 11. Explore art and stories without using sight, make "feely artwork" or imagine, hear and touch a story, October 27-31. Steam train rides, electricity experiments and a look inside some historical planes will feature in a science and art workshop, "The friends are working wonders", October 25-26. Science and history sessions (early years; KS1-2) include: materials; fibres and fabrics; steam power; Victorian railways; washday; sound; batteries, bulbs and buzzers; forces and friction; light and colour; and space. Tel: 0161 833 0027.


Derby Museum offers free classes on topics including: life and death in ancient Egypt (KS2, October 7-24), the Victorian nursery (KS1-2, November 4-28), and the light of Joseph Wright (KS1-3, from September 30). A new Derbyshire nature gallery complete with badger sett opens in early October with accompanying KS1-2 classes on habitats; webs and chains; sunshine and showers; and water, land and air. Fee: Pounds 30. Free Industrial Museum sessions include: John Lombe and the silk mill (KS2), lead and coal mining (KS2-3), industry in Victorian Derbyshire (KS2-3), the age of the train (KS1-2), working children (KS1-3). Other sessions include "A flying start", on powered flight (KS1-2), textiles (KS1-2), and "Telling time" (KS2). All cost Pounds 30. At Pickford House, The Art of 18th Century Dress exhibition runs all autumn term. Free sessions include: "Be a Georgian servant (KS2-3) and "Life in World War II" (KS2) until October 24. Storytime sessions for pre-schoolers start in January. For details tel: 01332 716654.


Local history exhibition North East Communities until January 4 looks at how people live together and form groups - religious, sports or otherwise - and how changes affect communities. "Homes in the past" object handling sessions (KS1-2) available. Jack Crawford and the Battle of Camperdown until January 11, celebrates a local hero, famed for climbing the rigging during the Napeolonic Wars to nail Admiral Duncan's flag back to the mast to show the enemy and fleet the Admiral was fighting on. The National Gallery's touring exhibition, Travelling Companions, about Madame de Pompadour and Queen Charlotte, arrives January 16-March 1, with accompanying artist-led sessions on portraits (KS1-3).

Tel: Jo Cunningham, 0191 565 0723.


Exhibitions include All at Sea until January 10, on how the town has been shaped by its maritime heritage, and Hadrian's Wall, running March 26-May 26. Tel: 0191 456 8740.


A Head of Steam, until November 30, celebrates Citadel Station's 150th anniversary (suitable for KS2-3 history); and The Natural History Museum Travelling Discovery Centre, about fossils, the seashore, seeds, our bodies and other KS1-2 science topics, visits December 12-January 25. The 60s, April 3-September 6, will explore flower power, the Beatles, Mary Quant, mini skirts, space exploration and more (suitable for KS2 history). Tel: Sandra Stancliffe, 01228 34781.


Work created by male and female soldiers over 200 years is featured in Time on Their Hands at the Discovery Museum until February, and Anne Frank: a History for Today will be staged November 4-early January. Free schools workshops include: light and colour, forces, printing, costume and object handling. Plus National Construction Industry Week activity days, October 14-15, and living history projects on the Victorian schoolroom, October 7-10; Great City! Newcastle since 1930, November 11-14; Tudor World, February 3-13; and Evacuees, March 11-14. Tel: 0191 232 6789. Dinosaurs Alive opens at the Hancock Museum in October and Earthworks, a new gallery on the science of the Earth in 1998 alongside permanent displays on Land of the Pharoahs and The Living Planet. Special events include living history KS1-2 programmes on Ancient Greece, October-November and February-March, and the Egyptians, October-November and January-March. Tel: 0191 222 6865. The Laing Art Gallery has exhibitions on Maling: the Biggest Pottery in the World! until January 11 and The Making of Newcastle until November 30 (marks the bicentenary of property developer, Richard Grainger, and explores his influence on Newcastle today). Related free KS3-4 pottery workshops and artist-led KS2-3 workshops on print-making techniques and 3D "buildings". Tel: 0191 221 2105 or 0191 232 7734.


The Weird and Wonderful Show, October 31-January 10, is "an extraordinary exhibition of strange stains and mysterious smells, goblins, trolls and fairies (good, bad and squashed!)". Tel: Cherry Gray, 01925 4423928.



Wild Thing! at Blake's Lock Museum until summer 1998, allows visitors to study and sketch a range of animals, some over 100 years old. At KS1-3 sessions Wednesday-Friday (10am and 1pm), children learn about classification and variation by studying local animals alongside such exotic species as pelicans and an albatross. Plus Victorian washdays (KS1-3) at Pounds 1.50 per pupil. Reading Museum has a full-size Victorian replica of the Bayeux Tapestry and exhibitions on Calleva Atrebatum: the Roman Town at Silchester and The Story of Reading. Sessions on exploring Anglo Saxons (KS1-3) and Roman everyday life (KS2-3) are held Wednesday-Friday. Pounds 1.50 per pupil. Bookings: 0118 939 9800.


Science and history KS1-2 SEARCH sessions are available on animals and classification; food chains; skeletons and movement; talking animals (the use of English in writing, speaking and listening exercises); animal body shop (reception and year 1 pupils dress up as animals); Victorian Britain; "Upstairs downstairs"; homemaking in the 1930s; "When granny was a girl"; and archaeology in action. Pounds 60 per group (up to 35). Tel: 01705 501957.


Adventures in Time, an interactive exhibition about prehistoric time, animal life cycles and clock time, is at Eastleigh Museum until December 2 and Allen Gallery, Alton, January 16-March 31. Free "Time Lines" workshops (KS1-2) will demonstrate how cooking instruments have changed, and in storytelling workshops, primary pupils will interpret for themselves the identity of the Iceman found in an Alpine glacier and how he died. Tel: Isabel Hughes 01962 846335.


Travelling through Chichester until October 11 celebrates the anniversaries of Chichester's canal, rail and road links. Period samplers and local embroiderers' work will be on display in A Stitch in Time, October 25-December 6, and related activities will include picture making with felt shapes for eight to 12s, October 28 (10.30am-noon), Pounds 1. Christmas Past will be celebrated in a "Merry Christmas!" exhibition, December 13-January 3. Related activities include making a Christmas mobile for eight to 12s, Pounds 2, and make Victorian Christmas cards and fondant tree decorations at a Victorian Christmas, Pounds 1. Spring exhibitions include, Discovery, January 24-March 7, focusing on art and archaeology, and Bronze Age in Sussex, March 21-September 12. Tel: Elizabeth Payce, 01243 784683.


India in Brighton until January 25 marks India's 50th anniversary of Independence and its long-standing links with Brighton. "Brighton's Indian Summer" for adults, children and schools, October-January, will include storytelling and Indian music, cookery, miniature theatre and shadow puppet-making workshops (sometimes followed by a performance). Free tickets from tel: 01273 292797.

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