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Show us you care,Mr Blunkett;Letter

I was bemused to hear this week that David Blunkett apparently believes it is "a small minority of delegates" at the National Union of Teachers conference who "put off decent people who want to come into the profession". Presumably he has conveniently forgotten that it is his party which is making these very people pay tuition fees and which has abolished the student grant for those wishing to train as teachers.

Prospective teachers see pay awards staged despite the recommendations of the pay review body; see their future pay and conditions challenged by the creation of education action zones; see the content and methods of their teaching prescribed by Government in imposed literacy and numeracy hours. David Blunkett says that "Shouting won't make a difference". If this Government were to engage in real consultation about the issues of genuine concern to all teachers perhaps those considering entering the profession would believe that he really did care.

Chris Jenkin Deputy general secretary Waltham Forest Association National Union of Teachers Education Centre Queens Road London E17

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