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Sign of the times;Jotter

FE colleges have been doing a fair amount of stargazing about their futures in recent months. But Glasgow's John Wheatley College has been putting the stars to a much better use.

The Psychic Postbag columns of local newspaper The Gen carries pleas for guidance to resident astrologer Vahri from Charlene.

Charlene, Pisces and a single parent, asks: "What does the future hold?" "Dear Charlene," Vahri replies. "College. Your future holds college." Some sage advice follows about how even child care may be on offer there and gets to the point: "Find out what's on offer at John Wheatley. No one's life is over at 18. Your life is just beginning and there is a great deal of happiness and a successful marriage in the future."

And who is the Shettleston oracle? Has Ian Graham, the Wheatley principal, found a unique way of turning college marketing into a star turn in its own right?

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