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Simply the best

AS A RECENT entrant into the teaching profession I am not surprised by Douglas Blane's finding (August 18) that it remains an unattractive proposition to many talented young graduates.

Philip Donnelly, of Glasgow University's faculty of education, hits the nail on the head when he states graduates realise they can obtain better-paid jobs with better conditions for a lot less hassle.

Attracting young graduates into teaching is not the only problem - what about rtention once they are there? As someone now entering my second year of supply work with all its uncertainties, no holiday pay and the concomitant phoning around of schools and councils looking for a "hire", it takes increasing resilience to stay within the profession as the mortgage payments loom. Yet despite all this, it truly is the most rewarding job I have ever done.

Alaine Buchanan

Dumbarton Road


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