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Sing a sad, sad funding song

As the school funding crisis bites, rebellion is in the air in staffrooms.

Banners are being unfurled, slogans are being written but, as everyone knows, any protest movement needs an anthem to rally behind.

By happy coincidence, the Diary received just such a song this week, penned by the head of a Lancashire school with performing arts status. The song blends influences from two protest classics, "Where have all the flowers gone?" and "Blowin' in the wind": "Where has all the money gone?Long time saving Where has all the money gone? Short time spending We do our best to make ends meet Not wanting to admit defeat But then how long can we fudge it When there is zilch in the budget? Clarke says LEAs are to blame The spin is pretty much the same. The DfES gives out cash But when does it ever reach LASSH (Lancashire Association of Secondary School Headteachers) Where has all the money gone? Long time saving The answer, my friend, is blowing in Westminster The answer is blowing in Westminster."

Luckily for his school's performing status, the head has decided to remain anonymous. A bunch of flowers to any reader who can do better.

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