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Singing star on terraces

Think Weather Girls. Think "It's Raining Men". And then think... Wayne Rooney?

A terrace chant praising the young striker's goal-scoring prowess, sung to the tune of the party anthem, has won a South Wales schoolgirl laureate status.

Emma Jayne Pursey, from Pontypridd, has been named as a runner-up in a national competition to find a "chant laureate" of the terraces to celebrate the highs and lows of the beautiful game. The announcement coincided with the news that her hero will be pulling on an England shirt for the Euro 2004 competition in Portugal. Meanwhile, she will briefly be switching her allegiances to Millwall, underdogs in tomorrow's FA cup final at Cardiff's Millennium stadium.

Her ode to Rooney hints at a schoolgirl crush and Emma is the first to admit that she "loves him". Pontypridd is a long way from Liverpool, but Emma blames her father, Colin, from Swansea.

"When he was young everyone supported Liverpool and Manchester United and he thought he would be different," says Emma, who is taking 12 GCSEs at Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic secondary in Pontypridd.

Emma is hoping her laureate status might mean some free tickets and has already contacted Everton manager David Moyes.

To tune of "It's Raining Men" Gravesen's running Rooney's in support Ferguson wins it The defender's way too short And today for the third time Just about half-past three With his first touch Not a look up Who else but Wayne Rooney?

It's Wayne again With a hat-trick It's Wayne again Saying "Pick me Sven" Short, Scouse, with light brown hair All the 'keeper does is stop and stare It's Wayne again...

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