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Single step to the world beyond

Your columnist Ted Wragg ("Seven steps to the world", TES, April 15) implies that "global citizenship" is synonymous with school linking.

I would like to refer him and your readers to the recently revised booklet, Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum, that the Development Education Association and other interested bodies produced on the recommendation of the Department for Educationand Skills.

As this booklet states: "In a globalised world, the global dimension is found on our doorsteps, not only in far away localities." The booklet explores the interconnections between the local and the global, and shows how integrating the global dimension makes all curriculum subjects relevant to young people's lives.

Many Development Education Association members can provide valuable face-to-face support for teachers in developing these aspects of the curriculum.

Teachers can find the bookletand the address of their nearest Development Education Centre at the website

Doug Bourn Director Development Education Association 33 Corsham St London N1

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