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Singled out

Carol Rookwood notes the difficulties associated with an Office for Standards in Education report on an infant school in which individual teachers could be easily identified (TES, Letters, October 4). The problem is by no means limited to the small primary school; it can also be very uncomfortable for the one-person department at secondary level.

I have been through it myself as the sole teacher of Latin at a large comprehensive; there was no escape from the fact that the subject-specific report on what was grandly called the classics department was to all intents and purposes a report on my teaching, planning and documentation.

Teachers of other minority subjects, religious education in particular, can find themselves similarly highlighted in an otherwise very general report. In the one-teacher department, there is no one to share the pressure; both inspectors and school managers would do well to bear this in mind.

THE REVD DUNCAN RAYNOR Chaplain King Edward's SchoolBirmingham.

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