To sir with Love - when a name is your nemesis

James D Williams

During my time in the classroom I've come across Wayne John, who appeared as John Wayne on the register, and James Brown, who never understood why teachers kept asking him if he was "feeling good" ("Ludicrous names are the curse of a teacher's calling", Comment, 20 May).

During my teacher training I was observed by my tutor, who took me to one side.

"You're a young chap," he said. "But be careful when you are teaching the girls; don't be over-friendly." I asked what he meant. "You kept calling that girl in the front 'love' - 'sit down, love', 'do you know the answer, love?'"

My tutor had missed the register - her name was Love.

James D Williams, Lecturer in science education, University of Sussex.

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James D Williams

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