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Department for Electronic Education (DfEE)

This cheekily but aptly-named website opens with a memo to the other DfEE, the one run by David Blunkett, urging it to support the creativity of teachers making their own highly effective online teaching resources. Then it puts on a convincing show of what a teacher with a good idea, imagination and a little help from web animation tools can actually achieve. (Be warned: you need Flash to view the site.) The first items in this embryonic library of online resources are for early years maths. Anyone who dreams up games involving draggin virtual cows across a virtual muddy field to instill in pupils some of the most basic concepts of numeracy, is on to something, don't you think?

The creator of the game and website is London primary teacher Leon Cych, who aims to build up a database of inspiring resources from teachers around the country.

Mr Cych, who will be interviewed in TESOnline next week, has a "dystopian" view of a future filled with cheaper computers but expensive information:

"I'd like to break that cycle before it begins," he says. "This is one small way." Not a bad manifesto.


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