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Shakespeare's Globe.

The reconstruction of the Globe Theatre on London's South Bank is described in this University of Reading-based Web site, with details of how evidence was gathered to ensure an accurate representation of the original theatre.

There are illustrations of how the Globe appeared when Shakespeare's plays were first performed there, "virtual reality" views of the theatre, information for school visits and workshops.

In recreating the original setting of Shakes-peare's plays, the Globe is a laboratory in which actors and academics can explore how the plays might have first appeared. The site also contains information gathered in the first season.

Dome Watch.

When Tony Blair invited the French prime minister to London last year he took him to Canary Wharf, some people joked, because it was the only place where you could look at London without having the view ruined by Canary Wharf.

This Docklands office block houses several newspapers, including The Mirror. Taking advantage of the lofty perspective, the Online Mirror Web site has pointed a camera at the Millennium Dome being built across the river at Greenwich.

It sends pictures to the Web site, allowing you to see how work is progressing. At present the struts that will support the roof are pointing upwards like the legs of an upturned insect, but by keeping an eye on this site you will be able to watch as the dome gradually takes its shape.

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