How much does the earth weigh, and how do we know? What happens to brain cells after they die?

The answers to these and hundreds of other questions about any branch of scientific enquiry can be found on the ScienceNet web site. And, if the database lacks an answer, a panel of experts is ready to attend you.

ScienceNet is a logical extension of the popular ask-an-expert service ScienceLine, which puts some of the UK's top scientists at the disposal of anyone with a telephone. ScienceNet does the same for those with an Internet connection - with the bonus of access to all previously- asked questions (and their answers).

There's also a growing library of articles and features on science-related subjects, much of it directly relevant to schools.

Mae'r wefan Gymraeg yma (National Assembly for Wales)

Wales will be holding the first elections for its new National Assembly next May, and the process of partial devolution will be complete by September next year. Rarely do we have the chance to observe the process of one nation easing itself out from under the belly of another - but, all praise to the Welsh Office, you can do that here.

Accusations of government-funded propaganda notwithstanding, this is an instructive resource, offering insights into constitutional processes as well as the minutiae of practical decision-making.

The site sadly fails to deliver plans or an artist's impression of the building (designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership). But all the background is here.

A little light relief is found in the open forum, where, after the predictably worthy opening messages of MPs and dignitaries, a few dissenting voices have a say.

Bill hicks

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