International Kids' Space

This is one of those exemplary web sites which wins awards and is often cited whenever anyone needs to defend the beneficial aspects of the Internet.

And, yes, it is a quite remarkable place, which all adults should visit just to see how confidently children as young as three or four are exchanging messages, artwork, stories and music with friends in different continents.

Participation is prohibited to anyone over 16. As its name suggests, this site is essentially a large chunk of virtual real estate given over to wired-up kids anywhere. Beyond a few well-crafted pages of advice and information, there's little that has not been contributed by the users. In this sense, Kid's Space is a "pure" Internet resource - one that is difficult to imagine existing in any other medium. Unlike most online discussion groups, it is fully moderated: every submission is checked by the site's editors, which, given the hundreds of messages in each of the site's many parts, means a great deal of work for somebody.

The site carries no advertisements - just a list of supporters - and while the design might be a little too cute for older children, this doesn't seem to be a deterrent.

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