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HISTORY OF EDUCATION SITE. www.socsci.kun.nlpedwhphisteducindex.html

A vote of thanks to the University Nijmegen in the Netherlands for this engrossing site - and to offer it in perfect English.

While there are plenty of on-site texts, including topical book reviews and extracts, the real value of the site lies in the hundreds of links, all accompanied by pithy critiques of the pinpointed material.

Much ground is covered- the lives of great educators, the development of educational theory and practice around the world, changing attitudes to childhood, the birth of child psychology, special needs in history - and more.

The contributors -most from universities in Benelux and the US - are not afraid to dig deep into academic websites, from which they unearth some wonderful, and occasionally weird, material - an article published in 1888, for example, exhorting parents "never to leave a child with a book".

And no, the editor of the "Curiosities" section has no need to apologise for including a history of English boys' school uniforms in this category.


You could call this the mother of all Internet genealogy resources, and there are plenty of those. This site, run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints claims to give users access to the names of around 400 million dead people.

Do an ancestor search, discover just how many relatives you have had in Warren County, Tennessee - then hope that they are not searching you out in the same fashion.

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